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Using Crystals for Shopping and other Anxiety Inducing Experiences

Posted by Alison - Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023 19:32


Healing Crystals - Making Memories and Reinforcing Happiness

Posted by Alison - Sunday, 30 Jul 2023 19:32

I’m just back from a lovely holiday. The weather and the return to normality all too soon make it feel like a distant lovely dream. I’ve got the photos on my phone to look at, maybe I can frame one or two as a constant reminder of the lovely time had. But I have another constant reminder of the holiday. It’s the beautiful Mother of Pearl bowl I brought home. A crystals… READ MORE

Healing Crystals from Ocean - Pearl, Abalone and Mother of Pearl

Posted by Alison - Wednesday, 19 Jul 2023 18:35

Stones of the Sea

Abalone Shell 

There are lots of names for Abalone Shell as it can be found all over the world.

The ear-shaped shell of the abalone shells have many names: Haliotis Iris, Paua Shells, Nacre, Mother-of-Pearl, Aulon, and Sea ear to name a few.

It is found in several distinct places and cultures… READ MORE

Suffering from Silent Illness

Posted by Alison - Tuesday, 11 Jul 2023 13:04


Holidays and Vacations with Healing Crystals

Posted by Alison - Sunday, 25 Jun 2023 23:18

This one always raises eyebrows in my household. You take some crystals on your vacation, right? That’s what I thought, although in my household, it’s just me.
And how many to take? In my case at least as many so it resembles the size of a sharing bag of sweeties.
A couple of years ago during the pandemic, I travelled with more than usual my little store of crystals no… READ MORE

Part 2 Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Posted by Alison - Monday, 12 Jun 2023 22:15

For every comment I had been putting up, 4 or 5 popped up in return. someone has far too much time on their hands.. So I went on their main page on Facebook to see if anything was on there too. This is a company who’s lives I’ve watched fairly frequently, the man who is objecting to me is the self styled Crystal Overlord, the company like to portray themselves as having excellent… READ MORE

Defending Crystal Healing Part 1

Posted by Alison - Monday, 12 Jun 2023 20:40

This week I’ve been put in the very strange position by another seller of having to defend myself because I have healing in my business name. How did heck did I find myself in this position Simply by commenting and agreeing with him on a post he had put up on his Instagram page about crystal water bottles. The irony here is I hardly ever comment on anything, sometimes I find it… READ MORE


Posted by Alison - Sunday, 23 Apr 2023 17:04

Moldavite was something we once took for granted to obtain for sale in our shop but it has had something of  a tumultuous time since Covid when it became a rare and very expensive commodity. There were a couple of reasons for this. The ability to locate new pieces of the meteorite was curtailed because of Covid regulations. Moldavite was also mentioned on social media… READ MORE


Posted by Alison - Sunday, 26 Mar 2023 21:57

Another one of the first healing crystals in my crystal arsenal. When I first turned to them for their metaphysical properties, I was struggling very badly with anxiety. I bought a tiny piece of Kunzite which I strung on a cord around my neck. After a couple of days my chest was really sore, this lasted a week, I didn’t understand why. Then as it subsided, I realised that it was the… READ MORE

Magnificent Malachite

Posted by Alison - Sunday, 19 Mar 2023 16:51

Today’s blog is about an old favourite of mine. The first stone I wore as jewellery. Years ago as a youngster I got a silver and malachite necklace, to this day it’s still a favourite. 

The History of Malachite 

The luxuriant, swirling patterns of malachite have striking light and dark green marbling that is unmistakable. The startling beauty of this stone… READ MORE