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About Us

Pretty Little Healing Crystals · A Family Business

Pretty Little Healing Crystals is run day to day from my home by my partner David and his daughter Natalie. They enabled me during Covid to turn my eBay crystal selling from a hobby to a viable business and a strong presence in the crystal market. It couldn't be in better hands. They are incredibly committed to the same goals I am committed to and they are an absolute gift to Pretty Little Healing Crystals. They aren't just in place because they are family but because they have my values, the same values that crystal buyers and spiritual people hold dear.

They are the reason it thrives. They can do the hard work, the packing, the unpacking, the lifting, the carrying, the fetching, the paperwork, putting items on sale.

I do all due diligence with our suppliers. My strength has always been with the crystals themselves. I'm instinctive at choosing the right crystals and sourcing stock. I have close relationships with all our suppliers. So much so that one asked me to pick a name for his child 😊 which was an absolute honour.

We all love what we do. We are a team, even if physically I'm a limited member. I am a certified crystal healer and reiki master although I don't see clients, I transfer the healing to the crystals as they pass through my home.

As well as crystals, my home is full of love 💗💗💗 My 6 rescue cats and 4 dogs are full of love and full of fun. We keep the fur babies completely separate from our stock, apart from the occasional photobombs in the garden.

All our crystals come from a very joyful and loving workplace. A place of love, happiness, upliftment, laughter and healing.

When we send crystals to their forever homes they will arrive with these lovely energies ❤️


Mr Tibbs