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Defending Crystal Healing Part 1

Posted by Alison - Monday, 12 Jun 2023 20:40

Defending Crystal Healing Part 1

This week I’ve been put in the very strange position by another seller of having to defend myself because I have healing in my business name. How did heck did I find myself in this position Simply by commenting and agreeing with him on a post he had put up on his Instagram page about crystal water bottles. The irony here is I hardly ever comment on anything, sometimes I find it difficult enough to find time to do my own social media, let alone comment on someone else’s long story short, this other business markets itself on being a geology only business with a geology showroom ( nothing wrong in that ) what I didn’t realise the owner was so violently opposed to the world of crystal healing. 


His opening remark to my reply agreeing with him was to all sellers of crystals who believed in the healing qualities of crystals as charlatans who exploited the market. Well, I’m a really easy going person and I back away from social media arguments but this was a discussion on instagram between the two of us and there was only me to defend the healing side.  I have only once come across one crystal seller who was using the healing qualities to mislead and make profit, that’s out of the hundreds large and small that I know. So I felt he was being a bit wide of the mark with his comments. 

I’ve never had to defend myself as a healer in any way, shape or form, especially to another seller and all this before I’ve fed any cats. I have had in the past to explain to family why, when I was brought up and educated as a Catholic that I’m interested in things that would make my Grandma (God bless her beautiful soul, spin in her grave) That’s not what my Catholic education was meant to teach me and it didn’t. No, what I feel about astrology, mediums, healing, crystals, the tarot, palmistry, scrying etc that fascination has always been there for me, sewn into my soul. From being dragged as a kid past the gypsy fortune tellers at Blackpool, to buying books on Sun Signs when I was very young, to collecting shells and crystals, to wanting my own pack of tarot cards, I always knew it fascinated me and always has. But I know from my family there are people who refuse to even talk about this kind of stuff, it either frightens them or makes them feel like they’re being sinful or they’re encouraging you to be sinful. So it’s a subject I have encountered some push back on in my life from older sorts who were a bit worried about my interest but always took the time to read tea leaves . But I was really surprised to be attacked from out of nowhere for believing in healing when I was making a point that agreed with the male owner of this other business. 

As this is what greeted me when I woke up, I’d tried to explain myself in the nicest, we are selling the same crystals as him, it’s just that we believe in the healing energies but we don’t charge more for the crystals. Not good enough, he went on to say, we ( the sellers ) should be ashamed making money off people in their worst times. Preying on the vulnerable, peddling rubbish at the hopeful. Giving false hope and false cures, all whilst lining our pockets and not believing in any of it ourselves  After nearly choking on my first drink of the day, I wondered how can this guy sell crystals, actually work in the industry and think people like me were out to make money off vulnerable people. I tried explaining again, I’m selling the same crystals you do, only I believe that their energies can benefit and enhance the life of their owners. I don’t charge anymore for what are the healing benefits. 

That didn’t cut it, this man was typing away 4 or 5 messages crowding on to instagram to my hastily written answers. There should be a law against people like me, trading standards should be able to shut businesses down that make false claims ( there is ) . I messaged back, there is already. I’ve used it once to report a crystal seller who was selling cancer curing crystals on a live. It is the only time I’ve seen a seller do this or have  ever been concerned about a seller. Another 5 or 6 messages came my way, all about science fact and how crystal healing has not been proven and even the hippies of the 60s would laugh at the silliness of todays crystals collectors, unless of course they were collecting only for geological purposes. His sentences are peppered with big words, designed to throw people like me. Along with using big words in all these sentences, he mentioned James Randi, who in the 50s and 60s offered a vast sum to anyone who could prove mediumship. James Randi also offered a reward to anyone who could prove healing or anything metaphysical. The other seller, didn’t realise that I’ve seriously explored my beliefs on the esoteric world and knew all about James Randi and other doubters who have put up money to be proved wrong. Realising he couldn’t  shake me off with his knowledge, he then challenged me to an online debate now he’s rather fond of his own voice, calls himself the Crystal Overlord ( does that mean he’s the Darth Vader of the crystal world, not sure )  and puts podcasts online about crystals, fossils and his views on a great deal of other things, whereas I’d rather not have my voice online , I don’t think being live anywhere would add to my words at all and my shyness would not help me out and the dogs would probably drown me out  anyway. But most of all, I haven’t the time to spend trying to prove to someone with a mind closed to healing, what crystal healing means to me.
If I did, I’d tell him, crystals aren’t to be foisted on people, crystals are found as a journey by people and us sellers who love and care for the crystals know this and love to talk crystals to those on their journeys. I don’t need to push the healing energies of crystals, the crystals do that themselves when the time is right. But proving to a determined sceptic something they can’t see, or read in a scientific journal, isn’t worth my while, especially when I’ve crystals to unpack and better things to do. 

All the time when trying to fight the corner of crystal energies, I’m trying to make a distinction between people like me and the vast majority of other sellers who have benefitted from crystals themselves and want to give back, help, encourage. That’s it, we want to help, we want to bring some light into peoples lives. There’s a big difference between us and bigger marketing firms who use crystals as the latest gimmick and market magic cures for ££££ or claim crystals are a cure all. Try as I might I couldn’t get this distinction across to him in his mind, he hadn’t budged an inch from thinking we were all charlatans.