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Healing Crystals - Making Memories and Reinforcing Happiness

Posted by Alison - Sunday, 30 Jul 2023 19:32

Healing Crystals - Making Memories and Reinforcing Happiness

I’m just back from a lovely holiday. The weather and the return to normality all too soon make it feel like a distant lovely dream. I’ve got the photos on my phone to look at, maybe I can frame one or two as a constant reminder of the lovely time had. But I have another constant reminder of the holiday. It’s the beautiful Mother of Pearl bowl I brought home. A crystals natural healing energies which is why most of us collect them. But you can use them to build memories and reaffirm your wellness and reaffirm your gratitude. This is an added bonus of collecting and the crystal takes a journey with me and those memories will always be invoked by that crystal. The Mother of Pearl bowl will always invoke Tenerife, the sun, watching the sea crash against the shore, eating out and relaxing and having relaxing alone time with David. I try to always bring home a memory or two this way. The memories flood back and so too the gratitude. 

Much is made about a crystals journey from origin to its crystal guardian. For most of us it’s important to be mindful of this process. How it’s mined and who has handled it during its trip to your home. This is one of the reason we cleanse our crystals the moment we get them home because of the amount of hands and energies your crystal has passed through, we remove those energies so it only carries our own, so it can work with us with most efficiency. 

Every crystal takes a journey with you and with that journey comes memories and sometimes lessons. The Mother of Pearl bowl will always invoke my holiday in Tenerife. Every crystal I have is part of my journey. I have a tumblestone of every crystal I can find, I have crystals of all sizes in every cabinet and on every shelf. My tumblestones, acquired first and mostly bought locally. They were my first crystal friends and I feel I know every nook, every pattern, every inclusion in each. They also conjure up the time period when I bought them, the huge curiosity and sense of expectation, they remind me of where I was in my life ( it felt like the depths of hell with the tumblestones glinting a glimmer of hope at me ) I remember how much I learnt with each stone I acquired and how my life pivoted and went in a new direction, a direction of wellness and strength and a burgeoning fascination of this new world of crystals to explore. The gratefulness I will always feel for being lifted out of despair. The Tumblestones are still my working stones, it’s with these I learned to meditate and heal, sometimes I placed them over chakra points. 

I have numerous crystals I’ve bought because I just happened to be somewhere which happened to be the right place at right time, maybe it was a weekend away, browsing on the web, walking past a shop, and when I saw my next crystal buddy, I had that stab of knowing that was coming home with me. Learning to respect this feeling was part of my lesson and part of my journey. These are probably my favourite purchases, these have found me & the connection to them is so strong and instant. Their impact on my life perhaps the strongest. Part of their story is the memory of the first feelings upon seeing the piece. But added is the whole tapestry of where I was, who I was with, my thought process etc

There have been crystals I planned to buy because I felt I needed one in my life, I’d search for ages on the web and anticipated their delivery. They never had the impact of the stones that have jumped out at me when I wasn’t properly looking ( because I’m always interested just sometimes I’m a girl on a mission ) I’ve learned all their lessons, gentler lessons, more subtle. I’d requested these rather than they be dropped in my lap. The memories are all intertwined with my gratitude and things learnt working with the crystal.

Some crystals I only have one of, a humble tumble and some I can’t get enough of some of these being citrine, aquamarine, larimar, all quartzes. They perhaps tell me as much about my character and life requirements as my birth chart does. I realise without checking books that these strong instinctual likes linked very clearly to the person I am.
Now, my feelings towards crystals is well honed and I know when that must have feeling is one I need to pay attention to closely. There is a fabulous journey between starting out with crystals to ultimately feeling a strong urge to buy as just knowing what you need. That journey is paved with crystals, crystals you need to see, feel, sense, hold, crystals you need to work with. It's paved with self discovery and gratitude. 

Every crystal you own, carries your memories and reinforces the lessons you’ve learnt with that crystal and whenever you lay eyes on that crystal, hold it etc it raises your vibration just from what it evokes. 
Respect the crystals, how far you've come and show gratitude for your journey. 
Always continues making and enjoying your memories.