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Holidays and Vacations with Healing Crystals

Posted by Alison - Sunday, 25 Jun 2023 23:18

Holidays and Vacations with Healing Crystals

This one always raises eyebrows in my household. You take some crystals on your vacation, right? That’s what I thought, although in my household, it’s just me.
And how many to take? In my case at least as many so it resembles the size of a sharing bag of sweeties.
A couple of years ago during the pandemic, I travelled with more than usual my little store of crystals no longer looked like a little bag of sweets but resembled the jumbo popcorn option at the cinema. 
In which bag do I transport these? My hand luggage. They’re important to me, I don’t want to lose them, I’ve personal connections with each one of them. So I’d rather keep them with me.

But couldn’t they be used as weapons? Says one of my kids. That great big piece of Rose Quartz I keep in the glove box in my car certainly could be a weapon but these smaller ones I travel with? Really? How does one attack with crystals. By shoving Tumble stones down someone’s throat and making them choke or just by causing a general nuisance by throwing them around them an aeroplane causing mayhem? The people who make rules know nothing, as if crystal lovers would do that. But in the advent of rules being in place to keep crystals out of hand luggage, I packed them in my hold luggage.
Since I travelled during Covid I found out that there are crystal people who have suffered confiscation of crystals. How sad, unless of course they’ve packed a Boulder.
And which ones to take? In the interest of not breaking David’s back, I thoughtfully don’t pack anything big ( because I have zero strength with having ME, David has to carry the heavy stuff whilst I have a handbag, which I can helpfully never find anything in ) . Plus not packing big means I have room potentially to bring new things back. J

But seriously, which ones do we choose. Personally, I always pack a turquoise, if I’m not wearing turquoise jewellery, it’s the travellers crystal, one renowned for keeping travellers safe. I always take a citrine, the merchant stone, so I don’t run out of money. Then I take ones I find comforting, amethyst, lapis, aquamarine, larimar. I always take a clear quartz too, then I cast around and see if anything else draws me to take them. 

Then once we get to our destination, if I’m lucky enough to have my own bedside table that’s where they go. If I’m sharing with David, that’s still where they go. If no table, they go under my pillow. Nevertheless, every time I unpack and bring out my treasures, it raises eyebrows, especially from David, even though he knows me so well, he forgets i don’t travel like he does, a small bag would suffice, I bring everything I could possibly need and crystals. If one of us knocks a crystal on the floor, he’s going to be the one who will tread on the tumblestone and like a piece of Lego a child has left and they hurt ????

Then they might go for days out with me, depends on where we go and how much room I have. It adds to the fun of travelling to me, it adds to the experience of drawing energies from crystals. They come back, maybe they’ve acquired new friends. But we’ve all benefited from the experience. 

But now I’ve discovered crystal bracelets and the ability to wear as many as I like, I can wear them on the plane, I don’t even have to put them in hand luggage. Let alone the hold. So versatile, I can wear with any outfits. Thank goodness I have 120 varieties to choose from. 

Of that at least is what I’ve told David. That I’ll only take crystal bracelets ( and he believes me ) but old habits die hard, so maybe a small purse with my favourite tumbles. :D