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About Alison

I am living proof that with crystals you can turn your life around and live your dream.


In 2010 I was diagnosed for the second time in my life with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME a chronic illness that there is relatively nothing known about and no cure. By 2014 I was no better and suffering from severe depression because of the effect of illness on all aspects of my life. I turned to crystals, something I’d always admired but never took time to discover.

I was soon collecting every tumblestone I could find, then I moved on to collecting beautiful and eye catching specimens. Whilst doing this I meditated with my crystals and learned their properties. I read the books but learned the best guide was my intuition. I started improving and finding my identity again, learning who I really was. As I regained my mental health, I was able to turn my back on a high level of antidepressants and I found a purpose and a joy in being me. I became a healer because that's what my intuition and stones told me I was. I’m now a spiritual healer, an angelic reiki healer and with both practices I combine the energy, wisdom and healing power of crystals.

Since 2016 my passion for crystals went beyond building my own collection after finding an opportunity to source good quality, affordable and ethically sourced crystals from a supplier abroad. I started selling on eBay and it quickly grew beyond something that funded my crystal collection into another passion, that for providing crystals for fellow devotees. I’ve now sourced suppliers in a number of countries who can supply good quality, affordable and ethical crystals. Whether you like to collect crystals because of the beauty, their unusual growth pattern, rarity or healing properties, there will be plenty in my shop to tempt you.


Pretty Little Healing Crystals now warrants its own website, limited company, Facebook page, Instagram and I have help. None of these I foresaw when I bought my first crystals for sale back in 2016. It also has a sister company Peacock Jewellery and Cabochons which sells high quality crystal cabochons and will be making its own sterling silver jewellery.

Exciting times, how things change with a belief in the healing energies of crystals and the ability to manifest a future....a belief in Guides and Angels....I asked them, I needed a way to live with Chronic Fatigue syndrome which would help me accept it as a part of me and give me a purpose, a sense of joy, meaning, and bring colour into my life. A way of connecting with other people and sharing my love of the rock, mineral and crystal world, to share my knowledge and learn from others.... and here I am...Alison @ Pretty Little Healing Crystals ❤️

August 2020