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Crystal Care

Crystal Care

Clearing, Cleansing and Charging Crystals

Crystals are gifts from Mother Gaia, their gifts to us are immense, their love is as great as their teachings. Some crystals heal and soothe, some give clarity and balance, some teach us to love and honour ourselves. All will connect you with your Inner Self and will aid you in self-healing. Healing means bringing the mind, body and spirit back into balance.

To be able to get the best out of your crystals, you need to learn how to cleanse and clear the crystal and program your intention into the crystal.

Cleansing Your Crystal

When we cleanse our crystals we honour our crystals. The purpose of cleansing crystals is to purify and honour them, recognising the vast journey it has undergone to get to you now.

Cleansing your crystal brings your crystal back to it's clear and pure state. Crystals are frozen vibrations and any discord it experiences during harvest, sale and journey to you will be felt. When working with purification, being of a clear mind and intention is necessary. Saying a mantra, clearing the room with sage or incense or using the vibration of bells or ting shas and let the purest light flow through you. The cleansing is a ritual and which requires mindful peace and vigilance.

When to Clear Your Crystals

Clear any new crystals as soon as you acquire them. Additionally, a crystal will absorb energies as it works. If you see your crystal looking heavy of feeling sticky or dark, or if you intuitively feel it's not working as it should, it probably needs clearing. After any intense work, it will need cleansing and clearing before being put back to work.

Cleansing and Clearing Tools

  • Water

    Water carries master energy and can be used in any ritual.

    Hold your crystal underwater, you can use natural sources or running tap water. Visualise the water washing away any dirt or disturbance from its natural state. Imagine all the dirt, debris and negativity draining away from your crystal leaving you with a crystal of pure light and vibration.

    Please note, not all crystals can withstand water. Before immersing your crystal in water, look HERE or search the internet to check which crystals can be cleansed with water.

    Water - Crystal Care
  • Moon

    The energies of the moon are the most purifying and can be used to cleanse, clear and program any crystal for extra vitality. Place your crystal directly under the moonlight. Charge them under the full and new moons to get the most potent frequencies.

    The moon as a feminine energy can help with spiritual and emotional healing.

    Moon - Crystal Care
  • Sun

    Charging your crystals in the sunlight (direct sunlight is better than windows) will cleanse and supercharge your crystal and give it drive and focus.

    Solar energies tend to be more 'masculine' and are better suited for programming. Allow the sun to support big efforts that require momentum and call attention to your endeavours.

    Sun - Crystal Care
  • Snow

    Burying your crystals in snow is a quick way of cleansing your crystal and programming them.

    Snow - Crystal Care
  • Earth

    Burying your stones in the Earth will clear any and all lingering negative energies from your crystal. Follow your intuition as to how long to leave them in the Earth. 3,7 or 11 days is usually best for a reset.

    Earth - Crystal Care
  • Smoke

    Just as you use sage or incense to clear your home, you can use the same to clear your crystals. This is especially helpful for crystals that would corrode underwater.

    Smoke - Crystal Care
  • Sound

    Long trusted by the ancients, a bell is an easy ally to remind you how to take care of your crystals. Tibetan singing bowls, tingshas or bells can be useful. Likewise, the sound of your own voice and the use of the sacred chants will hold the programming.

    Sound - Crystal Care
  • Super Cleansing Stones

    There are some crystals that need no clearing and clear other stones. Selenite, Quartz, Carnelian, Amethyst and Kyanite are among these rare treasures.

    A selenite charging bowl that holds your crystals is perfect for clearing and charging your crystals. Likewise, a beautiful amethyst cluster can do the same.

    Super Cleansing - Crystal Care

How to Programme Your Intention into Your Crystal

Crystal Care

For your crystals to work and give you the most healing benefits, you need to know how to program crystals. You need to ask your crystal to perform their functions and help you in making your intentions manifest in your reality.

The purpose of programming a crystal is to focus its energies on a specific goal, intention or desire. A programmed crystal becomes more powerful, useful and effective. If you don't program your crystals its like getting in a taxi and asking the driver to take you anywhere rather than where you need to go. Specify exactly what you want your crystals to do for you and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

It doesn't need any specific skill or experience to programme your crystal. Hold your crystal in your hand and quiet your mind. Dedicate its energies and your intentions to the highest good, and then state your goals, desires and intentions clearly and specifically so that your crystals know exactly what to do for you.

When you program your crystal, you're sharing your thoughts and emotions about anything you need help with. It gives your crystals a laser like focus that will support you whenever, wherever and however they can.

Programming is ideal when you need to be very specific about using a particular crystal. It can be because you want to wear the crystal as a piece of jewellery or carry it with you for a long time, or use it in creating a crystal grid.

If you choose not to programme your crystal you will still benefit from the crystal's metaphysical healing properties.

You should keep in your mind that your intentions and desires match the crystals natural healing properties. You want to harness the crystal's natural healing energies, not putting in what isn't there. Multi-purpose crystals like quartz can be programmed for anything though. You can program it for protection, love, healing or attracting abundance.

Programming your crystal helps you build a strong relationship with them. When you do, you see more results that you like and will attract even more positive energies, even when you’re not actively using the crystal.

You can work passively with crystals without programming and empowering them, it just means their energies will be more scattered.