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Green Amethyst / Prasiolite Chevron Tumblestone 20/30mm


Green Amethyst / Prasiolite Tumblestone measuring 20/30mm. The listing is for one, a random pick.

Prasiolite is the correct name for the lovely pale green variety of quartz.

The effect that its energy has is to create a profound connection to your higher self.

It's energy is like the spirit of nature itself, embodied within a beautiful green quartz crystal.

Although the green variety is not as well known as purple Amethyst, it has a similar level of energy.

Yet it is a quite different stone, and comes to you from a truly heart based perspective.

Its impact within the heart will clear disharmonious energy and open you, totally, to love and compassion.

By its immersion in fire it changes to a new stone. This is an analogy for its role when we use it for spiritual healing and growth.

Like all quartz, these are wonderful healing crystals for you to use in combination with other stones.

Other stones energy will be amplified by its contact with this green quartz crystal.