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Moonstone Crystal Tumblestone AAA+ / Intuition / Empathy / Calming


Moonstone Crystal tumblestone. A beautiful, creamy tumblestone, lovely markings.


Healing Stone for the Solar Plexus : Intuition : Empathy : Calming

Moonstone is a stone if new beginnings, it?s strongly connected with the moon and intuition. It reminds us of the waxing and waning of the moon and how everything is part of a cycle. It has a powerful effect on calming the emotions.

It promotors intuition and empathy within us and encourages dreaming. It?s traditionally been used to enhance psychic gifts.

Moonstone is filled with feminine, receptive, passive energy and aids us male and female to get in touch with our feminine side.

Emotionally moonstone is a great soother and improver of emotional intelligence. It promotes deep emotional healing.