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Fenster Elestial Window Clear Quartz Crystal Over 5kg Huge


Rare Fenster Elestial Window Clear Quartz Crystal over 5kg and measuring 285:245:130mm.

Very complex huge crystal, lots of windows and Elestial crystals.

The complexity and layered quality of these crystals are what makes these crystals so wonderful to behold. This one has a beautiful double termination, lovely layering and clarity, etchings and caves, so many of the magical qualities of quartz in one crystal. The layers pull you down and down as you look within making it easier to enter a meditative state.

These are my favourite of all the quartz.

Fenster Elestial Quartz

High Vibration Healing Stone for all the Chakras

Elestial quartz are extremely high vibration stones, bring a flow of divine energy through the chakras. Perfect for creating a sacred space with a home or place. Psychologically it?s a stone of change and transformation. It dissolves confusion and fear. It brings about soul healing.

Fenster quartz are very beneficial for transmitting healing light and did high vibration work. The internal windows in these stones open into another world and stimulate clairvoyance and inner sight. Psychologically fenster quartz helps us let go of old emotions, those that no longer serve us. It assists with removing compulsions and obsessions of all kinds. Fenster quartz helps break co dependency behaviour.

Very beautiful and rare stones.