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Charoite Large Crystal Ball AAA+ : Unconditional Love : Transformation 61 50mm


Large Charoite ball weighing 169g approx and measuring 50mm. Lovely purple swirling colouring, beautiful patterning to this ball. So rare to get such a large ball in such a solid purple piece of Charoite. I love charoite in all it’s forms and colours, these are super special because of their patterning. Healing Stone for the Crown Chakra Unconditional Love : Perception : Transformation Charoite is a stone of transformation. It overcomes that that brings us fear. It opens the heart and crown chakras and stimulates unconditional love. It helps us accept the present, integrates negative qualities and facilitates the acceptance of others. It bestows vigour and reduces stress. It can be used to overcome compulsions or obsessions. It stimulates perceptive thinking and helps anyone who is driven by other people’s thoughts rather than there own.