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Amethyst Double Portal / Ring / Donut Long Brazilian AAA+ 9.58kg 1


Large amethyst double portal weighing 9580g and amethyst measuring 330:230:89mm plus 200mm height on stand, base measures 200 by 200mm . From the Minas Gerais mine in Brazil. Healing Stone for the Third Eye / Tranquility / Intuition / Spiritual Wisdom In healing Amethyst is very beneficial to the mind bringing both tranquility and clarity, soothing and an excellent aid for insomnia. Imbued with spiritual wisdom, it helps open up our third eye and crown chakra and helps us connect both with what is within ourselves and that on the higher planes of consciousness. Great for emotional centring it helps with rage, grief, fear, stress. ................................................................. If you constantly find yourself looking for the point, it may be time to consult the clarifying wisdom of an Amethyst Phantom Quartz Point. As the amethyst works to cleanse and lend clarity to the intuition of your third eye chakra, the black phantom will help you to discover an elevated perspective -- especially in regards to your shadow side. Stop stressing over confusion in life, and tune into this point’s energy to relieve that anxiety and gain deeper understanding. For all those looking to soothe their soul and set their insights straight, this amethyst quartz phantom point is the perfect two-in-one stone to do it. *Please note due the nature of crystals and handmade items there may be some surface imperfections. AAA+ rating is applied to signify Colour and Quality, but naturally there will be variations in colour and surface area. This does not remove from the quality of the product*