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Moldavite Czech Vrábce Genuine Specimen Tektite 3 carats 81


Moldavite Czech Vrabce Genuine Specimen Tektite 3 carat or .6g direct from Czech Republic where my brother has lived. Moldavite is a rare green tektite found only in the Czech Republic. Tektites are a type of natural glass that is created when a meteorite strikes the earth. The sudden heat and pressure of the strike, instantly melts the impact zone and sends molten silica clouds into the air. As the silica re-hardens, it falls back to the earth as Tektites. Depending on the original surface, the Tektites will have a different color – Moldavites are a fantastic bottle-green. Moldavite’s reputation amongst crystals healers was transformed in the late 20th century after being promoted by the healing crystal intuitive Robert Simmons, who calls it a stone of transformation and spiritual awakening. Moldavite is a stone of spiritual awakening. It is a call to open our hearts to the power of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. Moldavite can help us to hear, with piercing clarity, the voices of our spirit guides, angels, and other high vibration entities including extraterrestrials and beings from other dimensions. Moldavite has a very powerful and distinctive energy field that is relatively easy to feel, making it an excellent tool for anyone exploring crystal energies, whether as a novice or an advanced practitioner. Moldavite is attuned to ALL the Chakras, with especially resonance with the Heart and Third Eye Chakras as well as with ALL astrological signs. It is connected to the element of Storm and vibrates to the Numbers 2 and 6. Emotional Healing Properties Moldavite gives us the courage and strength to look at our darkest fears and most negative emotions without flinching. We soon discover that our fears are, more often than not, grossly exaggerated and that the Truth is much more beautiful and achingly real and raw than anything we could have previously imagined. Moldavite shines Light into our hearts, urging us to move forward, claim our true power, and live our greatest destiny. Moldavite can help us stay heart-centered in our relationships with people and can be used to join people together for a larger purpose. Mental Healing Properties Moldavite is a wonderful stone for anyone seeking inspiration and new mental energy. It can remind us of information previously forgotten and help us to see new connections and possibilities. Moldavite can be very helpful for anyone who is “too sensitive” or easily emotionally overwhelmed because it helps us to process complex spiritual and emotional information through our logical mind. Moldavite helps us to find the words and images we need to describe the ineffable. Moldavite encourages us to release old beliefs and ideas that no longer serve us and instead embrace new thoughts which satisfy our intellect as well as our spirit. Physical Healing Properties Moldavite is recommended when we are struggling to pinpoint the root cause of our pain and suffering. It can help us to look past the more obvious symptoms and find the deeper problem that is responsible for our current situation. If the physical problem is related to an emotional issue, such as too much stress, or a habitual problem, such as not getting proper nutrition, Moldavite helps us to focus directly on those core issues. If we try to fixate on the more dramatic symptoms, Moldavite sternly asks us if we want to heal or not? If we want to heal, we have to heal and transform at the root.