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Lapis Lazuli Large Huge Freeform : Serenity : Peace : Self Knowledge AAA+ 2936g


Lapis Lazuli Freeform crystal weighing 2936g and measuring 250:150:33mm Deepest blue tones to this lovely freeform. The deep soothing blue that has been a jewel throughout history. This is the exact crystal that you’ll receive. Pictures front and back. Lapis lazuli : Healing Stone for the Throat Chakra Serenity : Peace : Self Knowledge This Stone is a bringer of deep peace and contentment, it brings serenity and harmony. A stone for aiding depression, it can bring a deep self knowing and reveals our inner truth. It brings qualities of compassion, honesty and truthfulness to the forefront. Lapis lazuli helps us confront truth wherever we find it and aids thought and clarity and encourages us to use our mind for creativity. Lapis lazuli helps express feelings and deepens bonds of love and friendship.