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Green Large Cubic Gemmy Apophyllite Rare Cluster With Stillbite AAA+ 1240g 10


Large Green Cubic Apophyllite Rare Cluster With Stillbite beautiful, gemmy and rare. Multi pointed pyramid points. Large cubic Apophyllite, highest quality, very rare to get hold of this much Green Apophyllite in a cluster. With green Apophyllite, the greener and the brighter, the more valuable. Direct from India. Weighing 1240g and measuring 150:93:93mm These Green Apophyllite Clusters w/Stilbite are naturally formed pyramid shapes that grow from a common base and emit energy in all directions. The metaphysical combination of both crystals makes it great for grids, energy work and meditation. The Green Apophyllite crystals are pale to medium green in color while the Stilbite has a peachy color. Shortly, Green Apophyllite cleanses and balances the Heart Chakra energy. It can bring clarity to decisions and situations of the heart by allowing the holder to see all sides of the issue, untainted by fear or ego. It can assist with "letting go" of issues that no longer serve and allow forgiveness and healing to begin. Green Apophyllite can also be used to connect with the energies of Mother Earth and nature, making it perfect for working with Earth healing. Also, it opens a psychic channel, which can be used for communications with plant, animal, fairy and elemental energy. Stilbite exhibits a wonderful spiritual energy and is often used for psychic guidance and creativity. Carrying a fine, loving vibration, Stilbite can help with all kinds of metaphysical endeavors, and especially with spiritual travel. It is known that people often lose all or some of their memories of spiritual or other metaphysical experiences due to the fact that, to facilitate such experiences, usually a deeper meditative state, such as beta or theta, is necessary. Stilbite is believed to aid in remembering those experiences.