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Grey Agate Crystal Beaded Bracelet AAA+: Self Confidence/Strengthening


Grey Agate crystal beaded bracelet 8mm Gorgeous patterns. The listing is for one. What’s lovely about these bracelets is you can wear your favourite crystal and mix and match with other crystals. Our bracelets are made for us by an ethical factory we have existing connections with. We spend a great deal of time and effort researching where to buy our stock from. We’re delighted to have these for our store. Healing Stone for the Base Chakra : Strengthening / Self Confidence / Self Acceptance In healing agate is a harmonising and centring Stone that brings about emotional, physical and mental balance. A calming and soothing stone it gives us the ability to accept oneself and grow in self confidence. It can improve concentration and analytical abilities and has a love of truthfulness. A powerful stone fit overcoming negativity and promoting love. ................................................................. Agate mineral rocks are one of the most long-appreciated natural gemstones with a history that goes all the way back to the Neolithic era. There are many different types of agate. Each variety shares the agate benefits that are at the heart of agate meaning; however, each different agate variety adds its own particular agate properties for enhanced agate meaning. AGATE HISTORY Agate is a variety of banded chalcedony, which is a type of mineral rock within the quartz family. Some of the agate properties included in agate meaning are common throughout all banded chalcedony stones and quartz crystals. These commonalities are to be expected, since there are similarities in their composition. Agate stones were originally found in Sicily along the banks of the Achetes River, hence the name agate. The use of agate gemstones for the agate healing properties at the heart of agate meaning go all the way back to the age of Babylon. The healing properties of agate were utilized in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. Their agate powers eventually reached Africa and spread through the Middle East to Russia. In the 1400's, the stone cutting and polishing business took off in Germany, thanks to these beautiful banded chalcedony stones. The business turned into a full-blown industry and is still going strong today. AGATE MEANING Agate mineral rock meaning is all about harmony and balance. All types of agate stones have these agate properties at the heart of agate meaning. All agate mineral rocks vibrate or resonate at a slower, less intense rate than some of their more high-frequency quartz relatives. These less intense vibrations impart strength and stability. Agate meaning includes yin and yang energy, providing a balance between the positive and negative. There are hundreds of different types of agate. In fact, one could collect only agate stone varieties and accrue all the crystals one would need for healing the body and mind. This is actually included in agate benefits at the heart of agate meaning " balance and harmony in the body and mind " and it can be achieved easily with different varieties of agate.