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Green Apatite Crystal Beaded Bracelet AAA+ Creativity : Meditation : Creativity


Green Apatite Crystal Beaded bracelet 8mm the listing is for one. What’s lovely about these bracelets is you can wear your favourite crystal and mix and match with other crystals. Our bracelets are made for us by an ethical factory we have existing connections with. We spend a great deal of time and effort researching where to buy our stock from. We’re delighted to have these for our store. Apatite Healing Stone for the Throat Chakra Meditation : Self Expression : Creativity Apatite aids communication on all levels and deepens meditation. It helps with self expression. It can increase our motivation and help build up our energy levels. It encourages openness and social ease, it encourages extroversion and mitigates alienation. It draws off negativity. It stimulates creativity and the intellect and helps clear away confusion. Apatite helps us expand knowledge and truth and ease sorrow. It clears frustration and endorses passion without guilt.