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Kunzite Bi Colour Lilac Crystal Raw Rough Large & Beautiful With Epidote 408g 4


Kunzite Crystal Raw Rough Large & Beautiful weighing 408g and measuring 71:54:65mm. Fantastic large raw piece of Kunzite, raw, pure energy from these beautiful specimens. From Pakistan.


The connection of Kunzite to the heart and to feelings and vibrations of love mean that it has a gentle yet powerful energy that can be felt if you wear the stone regularly and close to the heart or throat. This is easy to do as the jewelry made from Kunzite is usually both very decorative and quite affordable.

Kunzite can bring in a vibration of peace and tranquility that is very beneficial if you are trying to release negative thought or behavior patterns, especially those connected with your relationships with others. This stone is thought to be particularly useful for young Mothers and indeed anybody who has the care of very young children. Kunzite crystals are believed to be beneficial for those who are suffering from feelings of panic or fear, those who find it difficult to connect with others, and those who wish to change their outlook on life from a pessimistic stance to one of joy and optimism. It is a lovely stone to meditate with and to place in the home or workplace where it can be seen regularly and act as a reminder to focus thoughts upon the good and positive in life. Negative thought patterns are very often simply a product of habit and many people do not even realize that they have slipped into negative thinking and unhelpful attitudes or use of language. Simply looking at the beauty of a Kunzite stone can halt this negativity and begin to heal unhappiness or discontent that has arisen through unfounded worry or anxiety.