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Crystal points are one of the most commonly used and beneficial shapes to work with. As its name suggests, having a crystal point around keeps you sharp and on point. A point is the best tool when you want to stay focused.

The most popular of 'point' crystals would have to be a generator. Generators are crystal with a large point, with six equal sides and six equal faces that lead to that point. There are also Obelisks; An Obelisk crystal is a tapering stone pillar, typically having a square or rectangular cross-section, set up as a monument or landmark.

A double terminated point channels energy in two directions at once and provides a bridge between two energy points.

Points are powerful manifestation tools, as they help to manifest your dreams, wishes, and intentions at a much faster rate by directing your intention up into the universe.

Write down a wish, mantra or affirmation on a piece of paper, fold the paper and place the crystal point on top, pointing up. Your point will direct the energy from the written intention upward into the cosmos and radiate it out into the surrounding environment.

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