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Rough Chrysoprase Australian : Divine / Forgiveness / Compassion AAA 93g 2


Large Piece Of Rough Chrysoprase 108g and measuring 93:76:20mm. Healing Stone for the Sacral and Heart Chakras Divinity / Forgiveness / Compassion Chrysoprase imparts a sense of being a part of a divine whole. It can induce deep meditative states. Said by the ancients yo promote the love of truth, it also promotes hope and gives personal insights. It draws our personal talent and creativity. It encourages fidelity and energies the heart and sacral chakra. It’s a non egotistical stone, creating an openness and overcomes compulsive or impulsive thoughts and actions. It opposes the judgemental and stimulates acceptance of others. Useful for forgiveness and compassion. Mentally it gives dexterity and fluency. Emotionally it brings security and trust. Physically it is a strong detoxifier.