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How Healing Crystals help you deal with Long Term Health Conditions - 1

Posted by Alison - Tuesday, 15 Nov 2022 13:18

How Healing Crystals help you deal with Long Term Health Conditions - 1

I can approach this blog from personal experience. I don’t intend it be a list of crystals and what healing qualities they have to help you. Instead I want to approach the subject in more general terms without using any crystal healing language and make it something the long term ill can relate to by sharing my experiences. Hopefully this will be of help others who are struggling with long term ill health and their family and friends. 

This is my experience of coming to terms and dealing with a long term health diagnosis. 

I remember when I diagnosed with ME, at the time I had a fleeting moment of almost joy, that what I had been suffering was actually a condition and known about, followed by the thumping realisation that it was just a label, and what next? What next for ME sufferers, along with many long term illness sufferers is much uncertainty and no guarantees. For ME sufferers, there is no treatment beyond diagnosis, they go home and rest, eat well, do some graduated exercises and some may get better. For those that don’t, in my area, you only have a GP for support, no specialists or counsellors. You might get referred for the pain but there isn’t a specialist out there to help you get well. ME is not the only illness that has long term health consequences. 

My diagnosis was 12 years ago. I had 2 relatively small children and very little energy and lots of guilt about not being the Mum that I had been. I started my illness with that guilt but also a positive attitude. I will get better, I’ll try not to beat myself up about it, I’ll try to be patient. I had got better 17 years before from it when I was a young and living with my parents. 

The polish of positivity soon wore off, some symptoms did improve but I didn’t get better. My employers kept my job open for 2 years, a job I’d had from being 16, then they couldn’t hold it open any longer. If anyone has been in this situation, whether you like that job or not, it feels like you are being stripped of your identity. 

The things I used to do with the children, taking them swimming, taking them to parties, going out and doing things together had to be done by others. Yes, I was still Mum but how I felt the three of us missed out on precious times.

Whilst the ME might have been improving slightly, my feelings of worthlessness and lack of purpose along with what was going on at home led to me developing chronic depression. Something I had never suffered before and to this day, the worst thing I have ever dealt with. I’m sure the darkness of depression is something that haunts many of the long term unwell. 

Chronic depression for me meant I couldn’t walk, barely talk or eat, couldn’t sleep. So many abilities had closed down. But not determination. 

Nothing else had shown me a way of coping. 

I delved back to childhood…back to old fascinations…and it started with crystals. It couldn’t hurt to carry one or two. 

I had to get myself on the right track and find myself again. I bought more tumblestones, the ones that called to me, firstly ones that would help with insomnia and help me to sleep. 

I learned how to clear and charge my crystals and how to set intentions. 

From there with each new crystal I bought I would sit quietly with that crystal and meditate with it and see how it made me feel. 

I introduced tumblestones into my daily routine and selected a few everyday to take with me.

I slept with a pouch of crystals under my pillow.

I placed tumblestones over my chakra points when I meditated or I held and concentrated on one crystal.

I learned which crystals made me relax (Amethyst, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Smoky Quartz) which ones made me hopeful (Carnelian, Citrine, Rose Quartz) which ones gave me energy ( Citrine, Carnelian, Garnet, Tigers Eye) ones that helped with anxiety (Kunzite, Lepidolite, Amethyst, Moonstone) ones which ones fired my mind and imagination (Carnelian, Citrine, Malachite, Clear Quartz, Orange Calcite).

I slowly grew my collection of crystals and started placing them about the house. 

And every time I saw a crystal I had a renewed hope. 

The real me had started to emerge again. That what had been buried under layers of illness, reappeared. But it was the real me plus all the esoteric knowledge I’d developed. 

Too long had the chronic illness been in control of my life. It had controlled how I viewed myself and my circumstances. Whilst working with crystals. These are the lessons they taught me to get back in control of my life. 



The crystals listed here are a selection of what helped me, it’s by no means a full list. I’ve tried to concentrate on the more accessible crystals apart from Kunzite which for me was the best crystal to deal with my anxiety. You may be drawn to other crystals, that is how healing crystals  work. 

They are by no means a replacement for medical care but a complimentary way of healing. 

Part 2 also being published as a blog