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Why I don’t sell Crystal Characters in my Healing Crystal Shop

Posted by Alison - Tuesday, 18 Oct 2022 18:35

Why I don’t sell Crystal Characters in my Healing Crystal Shop

Ever since I’ve been collecting crystals I have never been tempted to buy a crystal character carving. For me the crystals are healing crystals and I feel the energies most if the crystal shows as much of the natural state of the crystal as possible, it doesn't mean it has to be rough, it can be crafted into shapes that are tactile, meaningful, eye catching and most importantly, ones I can feel the healing energy flowing from and twisting my intuition inside.  

I also feel great benefit from wearing crystals, I wear crystal jewellery everyday and I sell a large collection of healing crystal bracelets and have a collection of healing crystal necklaces and I even stock healing crystal cabochons for jewellery makers and crystal enthusiasts in my other online crystal shop, Peacock Jewellery.

I have carvings of hearts, angels, moons, stars and skulls both in my personal collection and for sale, these are because they personally resonate with me. I have a number of sea creature carvings from the Dominican Republic both personally and for sale. 

From time to time I sell crystal animals and flowers. But the carvings have to be well crafted and work well with the natural crystal, using that crystal to its best effect and also be ethical. 

I have never sold or owned a Yoda, a Pokémon character, a Marvel or Disney character made of crystal. Each to their own but they really don't do anything for me. But aside from my personal opinion about them there is a bigger overriding reason for never, ever stocking them. 

All the above characters are trademarked and are the intellectual property of some of the most litigious companies on earth. They are all manufactured in one country that either doesn’t care about the litigation or is beyond the reach of the litigation. I’ve read story after story of shop owners having their shops completely shut down and banned from setting up again by social media or selling platforms. The social media platforms, eBay, Etsy all have to rigorously police infringements against intellectual property rights and trademarks and enforce shop closures or face being sued themselves. This isn't limited to crystal characters but knitting patterns, T shirts, pencil cases, buttons, anything that these corporations haven't licensed themselves. 

If Disney or one of the other litigious corporations catches sellers (and they have large departments dedicated to searching for sellers) they can shut you down, seize assets, remove proceeds and file damages. Ignorance is no protection. It is simply not worth selling trademarked goods. So it continues to amaze me that so many people do sell them whether it be through Facebook, Instagram, EBay and Etsy. It's possibly naivety because there are so many out there. 

I am always open to suggestions of what customers want to see in my shop. Different types of crystal, shapes, sizes, carvings etc  and I’m dedicated to finding these as conscientiously and ethically as I can. But I can promise, I will never, ever find you a crystal Pokémon, Spider-Man or Donald Duck or any of their friends.