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Listening To and Meditating With Your Healing Crystals

Posted by Alison - Sunday, 16 Oct 2022 19:36

Listening To and Meditating With Your Healing Crystals

I write all these blogs from my own experience. Everyone has their own individual healing crystal journey and experiences with crystals. What I found out when I was voraciously reading and enquiring about this magical world was that with each enquiry I made, I got another piece of my personal puzzle as to how they’d work best for me but nowhere, no book or no person could show me completely the method of using healing crystals, looking after crystals and learning from crystals that would work for me. But from each question I asked, something more slotted into place. So by sharing my experience, I hope to help some of you understand some of your own experiences with healing crystals. 


I was always attracted to crystals, I presumed everyone would be, they are so pretty and when I was a child it was a similar treat as being allowed to but sweeties in a sweetie shop, only this shop was colourful in a different way and smelt just as good as the sweet shop. I was attracted to healing crystals but I have a logical and academic mind, I did well at school. I understand science and logic. Yet my mind has always been fascinated by the unproven, unmeasurable, instinctual world that is our spiritual domain. But through my younger years, I believed it was closed to me. As I got older, I realised I could open my mind and that my understanding of science and maths and everything measurable, doesn’t disprove the metaphysical and spiritual world, it means the two exist in harmony, if you can embrace the spiritual world without trying to make it logical. Having your brain set only in the logical world is not helpful when trying to connect with your spiritual self. A state of acceptance is needed. 


In the beginning of my healing crystal journey amongst the other crystal lovers and collectors I knew, respected and spoke to, I always felt that they instinctively knew things I didn’t. That they held a key or spoke a language I couldn’t completely understand. I now know the reason I felt so apart from them is because they had learned to listen to and trust their instincts. I had never been taught that or led to believe in gut instinct. When I started embracing my instinctual feelings I became to understand that things I thought were childhood flights of fancy, like numbers having personalities, was my instinct not a childish flight of fancy. 


So as I learned more and developed the non logic side of my brain I began to act more on my gut instinct rather than relying on logic. I started relying on books and other people’s thoughts less and less and started to listen to the healing crystals and my instinct more. This is where my instinct took over. Crystals don’t vibrate in my hands to tell me which one wants to come home with me. For me, crystals show me patterns or give me memories in looking at them and with that I know they are for me. That’s the same for decisions I need to make. 


So after making that initial connection with a healing crystal in a shop or online, when I have got it home, what then? 

For me, I cleanse the healing crystal using running water if appropriate, I light incense and pass the stone through the smoke then sit quietly with the crystal, close my eyes and with my third eye envisage it and let the feelings or the knowledge flow. I take note of everything that comes to mind. You might want to make notes after every session. How did they make you feel? What feelings did they bring up? The healing crystals teach you about yourself as much as they impart knowledge about themselves. 


It was in becoming acquainted with my crystals this way that I learned to do something I’d never done before, even though I’d tried and tried. That was meditating. 

I’ve been to classes, more than one set of classes. I’ve had people nod off next to me whilst I’ve led there and heard every sound. My mind couldn’t blank out of the conscious world. My brain, full of ever moving ideas, you know the type…Did I take something out for tea? Did I remember to empty the washer? Did I buy a birthday present for so and so? Remember the dentist appointment, don’t forget to ring Mum and Dad, we need to start planning Christmas….and thousands of other thoughts big and small that pop into your head when you are being told by the instructor to empty your head. In my case, it was more of an invitation to have a unwanted thought stampede. 


So meditating, I’d given up on learning. I’m not the right genetic makeup I thought. Too anxious, too busy, too hyper etc 

But when I connected with my crystals, I felt a deep sense of peace that automatically melted all the stress away from my body. My body became heavy and my brain, it clicked over into a state of slower brain waves. It shut itself off from the noise. Or taught me a valuable lesson, the ability to mediate or to relax so much that my brain hit those delta brain waves.


This is why I wanted to share this with you. I can’t be the only person who has ever had trouble meditating. Of giving up on trying to achieve that peace. Maybe, with the aid of a crystal, you can achieve that perfect feeling of peace too. 


Ways of Meditating with Crystals 


I found my way to peace by envisaging being inside the crystal, being enveloped by the crystal and it’s vibration. Other people may want to journey with their crystal to peaceful surroundings. 

To find my peaceful space I meditate in a number of ways. 


: Holding the crystal in my hand whilst sitting comfortably cross legged. This works especially well with tumblestones, palmstones and crystal balls. Always make sure you have plenty of support so if you do fall asleep, you won’t fall. 


: Lying flat and placing a stone over each chakra point. Meditating this way I like to journey through my chakras and connect with them and see how each chakra feels as I concentrate on it. Can I detect an imbalance? 


: Lying within a grid of crystals. My favourite and most simple is a grid of 16 pieces of Rose Quartz around my body with a piece of Black Tourmaline at the foot and Clear Quartz at the crown. 

Gridding need not be complicated or expensive. 


These are my personal preferred methods. 


There are numbers of books about healing with crystals, meditating with crystals and connecting with your chakras. Some are very good and well written. However skilled and experienced the author is, it is written from their experience and the experiences they’ve discovered through working with others. You might not feel that what they write resonates with you and that’s fine. 


I hope what I’ve written demonstrates that it is fine to develop your own way to honour yourself and the crystals. If it feels right to you, that is all that matters. 


Another important thing to remember is there is a lot of information out there. It’s not possible to learn it all at once. But neither is it possible to do any of this wrong. If your intention is pure and you energy loving, then your spiritual path will develop and encompass you. It is a journey, in which there are no dangerous pitfalls. It’s not meant to instant, it’s meant to be a lifetime of developing and ascending. 


Don’t overthink any of it like I used to. Just accept all the loving and bountiful energy gifted your way by Earth’s beautiful crystals