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Choosing your Tumblestones

Posted by Pretty Little Healing Crystals - Wednesday, 28 Sep 2022 21:00

Choosing your Tumblestones

Tumblestones are the cornerstone of getting to know crystals, they are were most of us start, either as children or curious adults. Because they’ve been tumbled they are very versatile, they’re hardy because they’ve been tumbled, you can take them anywhere, carry them in your pocket, purse or bra (am I the only person who has put them in their bra then had them clatter out all over the floor when you’ve forgot about them and tried something on in a shop, to the shame of their children :-)

The advantage of carrying a crystal around all the time, you really get to know them and the energy of that crystal, how they resonate with you and how they affect your daily mood. You can also have hours of fun arranging them, cleansing them, choosing which one or five you want to carry that day. They can be carried with us or they can be put in a cage and worn as jewellery. They are perfect for placing over the chakras in a healing session and you don’t have to be a professional to do this, anyone can intuitively choose their stone/s to work with. The right crystals can be placed under your pillow at bedtime for a good nights sleep. They’re perfect for dowsing and using with your pendulum. They’re ideal for gridding, be it your home or a smaller grid set with intention. They can be displayed almost anyway and look attractive. I used to display them in glass serving bowls, the kind you’d put nuts or snacks in. Now I place them on selenite charging dishes. As crystals have grown in popularity you can now buy specialist display cases for your tumblestone collection.

Casting your glance over your tumble stones can quickly help you discern your mood, drawn to light blue crystals, then maybe you’re needing to relax, black crystals, the need for protection, red and you want something to ground and give you physical strength. Drawn to a particular stone time and again, it’s helpful to meditate with that stone and learn it’s lessons.

Tumblestones are the ideal starting point for anyone wanting to start their journey with crystals. I look back on building my tumblestone collection with fondness and remember I felt something like a child on a voyage of discovery and I also felt a large sense of reassurance that I’d found something at last that would help me and that I found deeply meaningful to my life and journey.

The humble tumble is all you need for feeling a crystals healing energy. To receive a crystals healing energy we need no stone bigger than a tumblestone or even a crystal chip. A cleansed and charged tumblestone set with intention is what you need to feel the full power of that particular crystal.

Don’t ever judge your journey into the world of crystals against another persons. They effect us differently. I learned that I can handle even the highest vibration crystal without going light headed or feeling it immediately, whereas my friend was affected straight away by feeling light headed and sometimes sick. The crystals still work their magic with me but their effect is more subtle, akin to taking a walk rather than a sprint.

Very few of us stop collecting at tumblestones, so I’m planning to do regular blogs on the crystal world.

Requests for future blogs gladly accepted.